I am Olivia Moonchild; a Professional Tattoo artist since 2006 and all arounder with the craft. I have attached few pics of my works to this blog but you can find more from my Instagram; @oliviamoonchild or facebook; /MoonchildsArtOy. The purpose of this blog is to be a good informational package for people with questions about tattooing in general.


Today, getting tattooed is more common than ever before in the history of our species. Throughout the years the techniques and materials used in this craft have varied and changed, but also evolved to better ways to do tattoos. Also it is safer to take tattoos because of the better knowledge of hygiene and working procedures, not to mention better equipments and materials in use.

However, only a fraction of the whole population has harnessed their artistic talent and professionalized their skills to this particular and demanding work; making tattoos.


Currently I’m tattooing at Scar.fi Tattoo & Bodymodifications and also guest spotting in various studios and travelling to conventions around the Europe. The goal is to grow my brand into a global one as a tattoo artist.

Contact info:

Scar.fi Tattoo & Bodymodifications

Mechelininkatu 27, 00100 Helsinki


 Phone: +358(0)50 4431381