Sometimes making the appointment for tattoos seems harder than expected and you don’t know where to start. In this blog I’ll give some handy pointers how to make your appointment most efficiently.

Before making an appointment to a tattoo-parlor, you need to select one you wish to be the desired place to deliver your tattoo and considering the style and idea in advance always helps to make this decision.

Next you should send e-mail to selected artist or artists. Usually artists would like to meet you in person, so they’ll often offer dates for this or asks you to call. This way they’ll get a better understanding about the area in your body and therefore the most suitable design and size for your tattoo. This also helps your artist to give you an estimate of the price and time required. Appointment itself will be booked on spot at the studio and most, if not all studios require a deposit in advance for the appointment.

If there is a particular artist you are interested in speaking with, check their artist page for more information and find out which days they are present in the shop. Bring printed copies of any reference material you might have.

With this information package it should be relatively easy to get your appointment booked.

(For tattooing, getting tattooed and tattoos-related questions you can throw an e-mail to following:

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