Introduction about the age limitations of tattooing:

Generally you have to be an adult in the eyes of the law (18 years old in Finland and most European countries) to get tattooed. Many tattoo-studios are strict about this and won’t tattoo under aged individuals at all, under any circumstances. If you are very young, prepare to witness your age with a valid ID.

Some studios will tattoo young (16-18) people under 18, with a written permission from their parents. This means that the parents should come to the studio to fill in an agreement which allows their young one get tattooed. Parents also must be prepared to witness their identity.

Most people under 18 are still going through hormonal changes and growing physically. Often many decisions are made in a spur of a moment. These aspects should be considered when making the decision of getting tattooed at young age.

(For tattooing, getting tattooed and tattoos-related questions you can throw an e-mail to following:

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