In case you don’t like your tattoo, most likely you have fallen to a trap of making some bad decisions in a first place.


First, it is important that YOU make the decision of taking a tattoo; only your personal opinion matters. Never take a tattoo if you’re pressured to do so, even if that person or people are significant to your life. When you have made this decision, figure out what it is that you would really want in your skin. After you have decided a theme and style for your tattoo, you should look up for a professional tattoo-artist who specializes on this type of art and book for a consultation for the design and tattooing.


It is really important that you speak up your mind. You’re the one who is going to live with the result. Professional artists can and will tell you if something doesn’t work and if the design or idea needs to be adjusted.


So, if you are not happy with your tattoo, you either, went to take your tattoo from un-professional and the result wasn’t what you hoped for, you wanted to please the artist with the design and didn’t really tell what you wanted, your friends or family made you do it, you took it because your cool friends have tattoos too or some other reasoning of this type behind.

Always think carefully before getting inked. ❤


There are few things you can do to a tattoo you don’t like however:

You can surgically remove the tattoo, have it lasered or take a cover-up-tattoo to replace the old one. Usually these options cost a lot more money and therefore it is crucial that you think carefully before inking yourself; maybe you don’t even want to be tattooed at all? So make sure you do, before actually doing it.

(For tattooing, getting tattooed and tattoos-related questions you can throw an e-mail to following: olivia@moonchildsart.com)

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